Timex Social Club

Marcus Thompson's


Celebrating 38 Years! - 1986-2024​

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Marcus Thompson's


The 80's Old School R & B Party Group!

Award Winning Music!

The legacy of TSC’s music lives on through sampling and covers done by some of the hottest artists of today such as: Tupac, Public Enemy, Master P, Luniz, Club Nouveau, House Of Pain, Tyga ft. Chris Brown and more.

Best Selling 12inch Single!

TSC’s Mega Hit “RUMORS/VICIOUS RUMORS” was the hit of the summer of 1986.The record caught fire and dominated the air waves, music, sales and club charts making it arguably the best selling 12 inch record in history.

Marcus Thompson's


TSC founding member Marcus Thompson and vocalist Samuelle; the voice of Club Nouveau – “Jealousy” and “Lean On Me”, have joined forces and are back performing their hits “Rumors”, “Thinkin’ About Ya” , “So You Like What You See”, and more.

"How Do Rumors Get Started"

The uncut rise and fall of the group behind the best selling 12inch Mega Hit single…Rumors! 
A powerful, edgy and amusing look behind the scenes of the rap music industry in the mid-80’s.
by Marcus Thompson

ISBN 1257285424